Chew it. Then do it. No matter what the weather!

Posted on: 1st February 2010

At the beginning of February a team of kayakers from St Andrews University set out with the view to paddle the finest waterfalls in Scotland and since then the team have been in touch with SoreenHQ to tell us their Soreen Story of the days events.

Armed with a crate of Soreen Malt Loaf, the team headed to Fort William on the west coast of Scotland and with the Soreen spirit fuelling them, the team prepared to “Chew it, then do it”.
“For the first day there was snow everywhere so we decided to go “snow boating” which involves climbing mountains and kayak sledging back down them. The next couple of days all the snow began to melt meaning we could go and find big waterfalls to kayak off. After all that excitement nothing fills the belly better than a loaf of Soreen’s Fruity Five toasted and buttered.”