Celebrating 75 Years in the Baking!

Posted on: 4th April 2013

We’ve been hard at it for 75 years now here at the Soreen Bakery and we think it’s about time to celebrate! Rather than the usual balloons and birthday cake, we thought we’d do something a little different by showing our appreciation to you folk (our loving fans!), after all - we wouldn’t have made it to our 75th year without you!

With this in mind, we’ve had our Soreen Team hard at work talking to our fans across the country, finding out what you’d really love to see from Soreen to celebrate our 75th Birthday. After much discussion it was clear that an indulgent squidgy chocolatey malt loaf was a keen favorite! After all - chocolate cake is so last year!
Although slightly different, the scrumptious loaf retains Soreen’s unique malty flavour with a smooth chocolatey taste and added chocolate chips for good measure!
To get first dibs on the exclusive addition you’ll need to be in the supermarkets from the 25th April. Now we don’t want any fisticuffs in the isles but do bear in mind that the Soreen Chocolate Loaf is limited edition so don’t hang about on getting there!
On behalf of Soreen we do hope you enjoy, and hip hip hip hooray it’s Soreen’s 75th Birthday!