Can you Bank Holiday on a Budget?

Posted on: 3rd April 2017

Nobody loves a Bank Holiday more than we do, and we truly believe that a three-day weekend should be standard. But the problem arises when Bank Holidays are so rare that people feel pressurised to have fun. After all, you can’t be expected to sit at home and play Monopoly while your friends are all trotting off to the Maldives for three days, can you?

Or can you?

We don’t think that you should spend an entire month budgeting for a bank holiday, which is why we’ve proposed some ways that you can save. Here are four ways to do Spring on a shoestring, no matter what your situation.

Budgeting as a Young Family

The great thing about small children is that they measure their weekends in how much fun they had, not how much said weekend cost, so you’re already onto a good start. If the weather’s nice (are we tempting fate just by asking that?), then nothing beats seeking out your local National Trust for a walk and a picnic (or M&S meal deal if your culinary skills are anything like ours). Naturally, Lunchbox Loaves are perfect for picnics, and even more perfect if you want to give your kids a sweet treat that also happens to be healthy.


Budgeting in a Couple

Depending on how long you’ve been together, you may have been broke students when you started out dating, so budgeting romance could be a source of nostalgia for you. But even if you’re used to fine dining and fancy restaurants, there’s something to be said for DIY. So clean up the house, crack open the (supermarket) wine and give home-cooking a go. If it’s rubbish, at least you can put it in the memory bank.



Budgeting with Teens

If your teens are over 10 but under 15, they’ll probably prefer to go to the local entertainment complex than for a scenic walk. But rather than forking out for expensive cinema tickets, why not look into building a cheap indoor projector? (Amazon have got plenty for under £50) And if your teens are slightly older? Ship them off to friends’ houses for the weekend, and bask in the sweet, sweet silence.

Budgeting Solo

Okay, so maybe your mates are jetting off to a festival that you can’t afford this year, or maybe you just want some relief from the (inevitably) boozy bank hols that you usually attend. Now we’re not saying that a weekend with me, myself and I beats a weekend dancing in front of the main stage, but there is definitely something to be said for using those blessed few days to recuperate. The best things in life aren’t exactly free, but you can pick up some bubble bath for a quid, a used book for £2 in a charity shop, and some Soreen Toast Me’s for under £2. But best of all, you might actually remember this Bank Hol.