Cambridge Students’ RAG Appeal

Posted on: 23rd March 2012

Cambridge Students’ RAG Appeal
On behalf of Cambridge Students’ RAG Appeal we would like to thank you for your support of Cambridge Jailbreak 2012. We hope to continue the relationship between Soreen and Cambridge RAG next year.
The Results
The overall winners of using Jailbreak 2012.
Using any means of transport.
1st – Matilda and Matthew – 6705 miles to Singapore
2nd – Laurence and Johann – 5923 miles to Hong Kong
3rd – Raphael and Danielle – 5404 miles to Los Angeles

The Jailbreak 2012 – Land Race
For the first time this year we also ran a separate competition for Teams who only hitch-hiked overland [including the use of Ferries].
1st – Team 150 – Husein and Daisy – 982 miles to Murcia, Spain
2nd – Team 33 – Sam and Julia – 947 miles to Suwalki, Poland
3rd – Tied between Teams 31 and 22 – Alex & Tricia and Bryn & Elia – 751 miles to Barcelona

This year’s Jailbreak was the biggest and best ever. We had 136 teams take part, more than any previous year. Teams travelled to 4 different continents and visited 26 countries including:
• Singapore
• Canada
• United Arab Emirates
• Finland
• Vatican City
They travelled over 100,000 miles between them, enough to travel around the world over 4 times.

This year our Jailbreakers raised a whopping £54, 001.27 in Sponsorship so far and more money is being paid in all the time. We hope our total figure for the event will surpass £55,000.
The money already raised through sponsorship represents an increase of £12,827.27
compared to last year. We have been overwhelmed by the individual efforts of certain teams with one team raising £2085.20 and 4 teams raising over £1000.