Breakfast at Park School with Class 1J

Posted on: 8th February 2013

Here at the Soreen Bakery our loving team like to help out in the local community as much as we can. We were particularly touched after opening a letter from Class 1J at Park School in Blackpool. The letter (which was hand signed by each class member, aged between 6 and 8) explained how much they love Soreen, which they enjoy for breakfast in their classroom each week.
After speaking to the class teacher, we thought we would show our little fans our appreciation by surprising them at their next Soreen breakfast. Today our Soreen Team travelled to Blackpool bright and early to arrive at the school gates just before Class 1J tucked into their squidgy malt loaf. The classroom was filled with shocked faces when the Soreen Team knocked on the door and entered, equipped with a range of squidgy Soreen products and goodies. Class 1J invited the Soreen Team to sit down and join them for breakfast as they were keen to find out about the squidgy world of Soreen. We had a brilliant morning, thank you class 1J!