Bonfire Night Arts and Crafts!

Posted on: 3rd November 2014

What does Bonfire Night mean to you? Family gatherings, toffee apples and dazzling displays?

We’ve pulled together a few ideas to help entertain the kids and ensure that this year’s Bonfire Night runs as smoothly – and safely – as possible.

1. Pocket Rocket

Why not make your own arty fireworks at home? A tube of cardboard (think poster-holder or kitchen roll center) makes a perfect body, and colourful strips from magazines make fantastic streamers.  For the cone, take a strip of cardboard, snip from one edge to the centre, and fold around to form a pyramid shape.

Don’t forget to decorate with lots of glitter, of course. Who ever heard of a boring firework?

2. Guy Fawkes Peg Dolls

 Now we doubt that there’s many amongst our readers that don’t remember peg dolls with at least some degree of fondness. Why not combine a history lesson with a bit of arts and crafts and make your own Guy Fawkes peg dolls? Simply take an old-fashioned peg, paint on a smiley face, and fashion a black cloak and hat out of felt and use white felt to make a small shirt collar. Pipe cleaners will serve nicely as arms and hair, voila!


3. Window-watching

 If it’s too cold out, the best views can often be found right at home. For stellar results, crack open the window a little so you can hear the “pops” as the fireworks explode. If you fancy a snack, hot chocolate and toasted, buttery Soreen make for the perfect accompaniment to any lightshow.

4. Attend an organized event

If you do go and watch a fireworks display, make sure it’s being organised by a reputable body, such as your local sports club or parish council. It goes without saying that you need to wrap up warm, so consider getting some hand-warmers for you and the kids.  Bonfire Night simply wouldn’t be complete without a rucksack-full of delicious snacks, and for a handy option we can recommend our Original Malt Lunchbox Loaves!