Behind the scenes at SoreenHQ

Posted on: 9th April 2010

Since the launch of Soreen’s brand new TV ad, here at SoreenHQ we thought it’d be a great opportunity to say a big thank you to the stars of the advert with an exclusive tour around Soreen’s head office (think Charlie and the Chocolate factory, but without Charlie, chocolate and of course the infamous umpa lumpas!)
With all the children eagerly awaiting a mystery tour around the factory, it was safety first with all the children being given thier very own blue hair nets and white coats – how fetching!
From left: Ellis, Libby, Charlotte, Olivia, Lois, Owen, Brogan and Megan prepare to for an exclusive tour around SoreenHQ
Once kitted out in their brand new outfits, it was straight over to the test kitchen for some top secret tips about how to make a malt loaf with our very own top baker, Graham.
Over the watchful eye of the Soreen team, Megan, Brogan, Lois, Owen, Olivia, Libby, Charlotte and Ellis all got their hands dirty by making their very own malt loaf ready for baking fresh in the factory.
Once the ingredients had been weighed, mixed and baked, the next stage was to show the children the finished product being freshly packed ready to eat.
With all the children watching the product being packed and wrapped, it was only fair that we gave them some fresh products to take home to share with all their family and friends, whilst watching the next airing of the ‘Chew It. Then Do It’ advert on the TV.
If you’ve not seen the advert yet, why not tune into the SoreenHQ YouTube channel and send us your feedback at