Beating the bell!

Posted on: 31st August 2015

How to get your kids out of the door and into school…on time 

OK, time for a wake up call. Those laid back early summer mornings will soon be over and the hectic rush of back to school time will soon be here.

But don’t worry, help is at hand from the Soreen team. To make sure you beat the bell and get your kids into school on time, we’ve lined up some handy hints for busy families and working parents.

Get dressed, last

To avoid butter, milk, toothpaste and other early morning spill hazards, let the kids eat brekkie and get washed up whilst still wearing their PJ’s or sleep shorts and t-shirts. Completely side steps the whole issue of last minute school uniform changes.

brush teeth

Post-it notes at key points

No matter how many times you say things, they can still be forgotten. So put it in writing!! A post it note on a bedroom door saying Remember Your Book Bag or one on a kitchen counter saying Don’t Forget Your Lunch Box or even one by the front door asking ‘’Is it a PE day?’’ are great little reminders.

Start with a good breakfast

To keep it quick, convenient and energy packed, pop a few slices of Soreen Original Toastie Loaf in your toaster. Kicking off your family’s day with the UK’s favourite malt loaf is the delicious way to get off to a flying start.

Choose outfits and find shoes, the night before.

If everyone sets aside tomorrow’s clothes the night before – including socks and undies – getting dressed in the morning will be a whole lot quicker. And the same goes for whatever shoes they’re wearing too. (Last-minute shoe hunts are notorious for causing school-run delays.)

show tying

Don’t rely on one alarm clock

One alarm clock failing to go off, or with a snooze button pressed too many times, can throw everything into chaos, so give the kids their own alarm clocks. There are plenty fun styled ones to choose from and the bigger and noisier the better.

alarm clocks

Have an Emergency Pack

This is a great idea, even if we do say so ourselves. Put together an emergency kit with the kind of small ziplock bag used to hold toiletries in hand luggage. Fill it with cereal bars, sugarless gum to clean teeth, a hairbrush, hair clips, wet wipes and a few pound coins for lunch money.

Then keep it in the glove compartment of the car, so when you’re running late the kids can eat and clean up as you drive. Only to be used in an emergency though!

Create a ‘grab it and go’ area for a quick getaway

Whether it’s a dining room table or a clean kitchen counter top, clear a designated space for backpacks, sports bags, outdoor coats, lunchboxes etc. so they’re always all together in one location.

….and a special lunchbox only shelf

When speed is of the essence, rummaging about in the family fridge for lunchboxes, yogurts, drink cartons, fruitpots etc. takes far too long, so try and keep a shelf clear for all school related food and drink stuff and keep everything within easy reach.

Well, there you go. Hope you like our top tips for speedier routines, and best of luck putting them into action in the new school term.