Beat the Bank Holiday Busyness

Posted on: 27th May 2016

Bank holidays only come around a few times a year, so it’s only natural that when they do, we want to pack our swimsuits, make a picnic, and head quick-sharp to the nearest attraction. The only catch is, everyone else is thinking that too, and the end result tends to be traffic jams, queues, and arriving at your intended destination four hours after it opens. We don’t mean to put a dampener on your three day weekend, but we do want to show you how you can beat the busyness, to make the most of your time off.

On hot days, head to the hills

Everyone else will likely be heading to the beach, so not only will this put you on the open road, it’ll also free up the countryside for you to explore at your leisure. To get the most out of your inland adventure, pack a few ice creams in a portable cooler and bring shorts. Most National Trust areas have streams or lakes, so even if you’re decidedly central, you can still have a paddle. 

On dull days, head to the beach

 Why not? Hardly anyone will be there, your dog will have the freedom of the shore, and you can appreciate the scenery without being blinded by the sun. If you’re brave you could even pack a wetsuit

Brighton Beach.

Become tourists in your own town

If you were on holiday, would you lie in until 11, potter about cleaning for two hours and then sit in the garden soaking up any available sun? Probably not. If you’re staying in your home town this weekend, head to your nearest Tourist Information Office, give yourself a tour of all the important buildings (and find out why), and try a new eatery. You’ll be surprised at what you find; even the smallest hamlet has history. 

Or just embrace the crowd

 As the old adage goes, “if you can’t beat em’, join em’.” We don’t mean join the traffic snailing its way up the M6, we mean join the

friendly strangers at the various festivals being hosted up and down the country. And if you’ve got kids? No problem. Places like Belton House have an indoor play area, and children can even drive a tractor (a child-sized one, mind) at Castle Ward.

Get creative in the kitchen

 From Soreen flapjack tray bakes to delicious Soreen bread and butter pudding (can you detect a bias here?), there are plenty of ways you can carve out some creative time during your bank holiday. And not only will you be flexing your culinary muscles, you’ll be able to eat the fruits of your labour. Win – win, right?