Beat Boredom This Easter

Posted on: 15th April 2014

To make sure family time doesn’t turn into mission impossible, we have an idea that’s quick and inexpensive.

Ever heard of an Easter egg scavenger hunt? You’ve probably been to plenty. We love a good rummage the garden to find bucket loads of chocolatey treats, but this year we’re mixing it up a little. You can always rely on Soreen to provide a fun and fruity alternative for the whole family. All you need is a couple of packets of lunchbox loaves and you can start your own squidgy Soreen scavenger hunt.

First, get the kids to make their own basket out of paper, card and sellotape. Then, hide the loaves, making sure you’re not seen. Next, explain the rules of the hunt and it’s game on. The rules are exactly the same as any other Easter egg scavenger hunt:

1. Assign a base for the kids to return to once they’ve found a set number of loaves. (This way, everyone gets the same amount of lip-smacking goodness).
2. If you have a large group of children, pair the older ones with the younger ones to give them all a fair chance.
3. Determine how many loaves they’re allowed to eat. (Kids love the squidge, but we don’t want them being greedy now).
4. Let the games begin!


Have a fun and fruity Easter weekend!