Back to school in an organised way

Posted on: 5th September 2014

The secret of making back to school time less frantic and a little more chilled-out is to be nicely prepared and organised from day one, easier said than done (we hear you). We’ve put together some neat tips to make everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Start the day with a good breakfast

Everyone needs to fuel themselves up for the day ahead, so missing breakfast isn’t an option. To keep it quick, convenient and still nutritious, pop a few slices of our Original Toastie Loaf in your toaster. Packed with juicy raisins and bursting with energy, your little monkeys will be off to school with a spring in their step when they start the day with the Soreen Toastie Loaf.


Get things ready the night before

Whether it’s signing homework slips, scribbling permission letters or simply making sure the kids have some small change for the bus, anything you can do the night before to avoid rush and chaos in the morning is always worth doing.


Know what you’re wearing

Choosing what to wear can take up valuable time, so set aside tomorrow’s clothes the night before, getting dressed in the morning will be a whole lot simpler. This includes mums and dads too. And even if your children wear a uniform, checking it’s all ready and waiting to be put on (including shoes or trainers!!) can be a real time saver.


Create a ‘grab it and go’ area for your morning getaway

Make a special space for backpacks, sports kit bags, outdoor coats, lunchboxes etc, so they’re all together in one location. It could be as simple as a designated chair, or a kitchen counter top. The nearer your ‘grab it and go’ area is to the door, the better.


Stock up on supplies

Buy the things they’ll need for school well in advance (and hopefully save a few pennies in the sales if you can). From pens, pencil cases and rulers, to binders, notebooks and calculators, stock up and be ready. This will also give you time to label any items, so that they won’t get lost or mistaken.


Create a special lunchbox only shelf

If it’s practical and your fridge is big enough, try and keep a shelf clear for lunchbox supplies like yogurts, fruits, meats and cheeses so everything is close at hand. And next time you’re filling lunchboxes, don’t forget to add one of our individual Soreen lunchbox loaves, available in Malt and Banana, they are only 95 calories each and come in packs of 5, one for everyday of the school week!


Well there they are! A few inspired ideas from Soreen to help make organising the kids and your life a little easier. If you start thinking about some of our handy hints now, you’ll be better prepared for back to school time.