What did the athletes say?

Posted on: 19th August 2016

Here at Soreen HQ, we’ve always known that a well-timed slice of malt loaf can give us the energy we need to get through the day.  Turns out, the sporting elite had all cottoned onto this too. In partnership with the Youth Sport Trust (YST), we interviewed 65 professional athletes to discover what separates them from the crowd. Here’s what we found out:

They all got started young

No, we don’t mean that their parents got them on the track as soon as they could walk; we just mean that most list going on bike rides as their favourite activity to do as a child, and almost 70% of the athletes we talked to also loved playing ball games. It seems that if you get used to playing outside as a child, that urge continues into adulthood.

 When asked why they think Soreen is popular amongst sports people…

Soreen_Social_AthleteFacts3 Soreen_Social_AthleteFacts4

They’re all a little intense

When asked what has most pushed them to success as an athlete, natural ability didn’t even factor, and only 21% credited their training. In fact, over 70% said it was their attitude that had helped them along the most, which just goes to show that with a positive mind-set, you can achieve anything.

They’re not that original

Which is to say, over 50% of respondents favoured Original Malt Loaf over any other flavour of Soreen! Banana was hot on its heels however with 35% stating it as their preferred choice. Maybe our athletes need to branch out a little. Anyone for Fruity Five?

 They’re all a bit nuts about Soreen

 Not only do 80% of the athletes interviewed eat Soreen, 25% say that it’s a staple part of their diet when training. And if you’re wondering why they’re all so fruity about malt loaf, it turns out it’s less to do with flavour and more to do with how low in fat and high in fibre it is.

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