Rainy Day Family Fun with Soreen

Posted on: 15th April 2015

Whether it’s April showers or just showers in general, we get more than our fair share of wet and miserable days in this part of the world, so next time you’re cooped up indoors with the family here’s a few rainy day activities from Soreen to stop you all driving each other mad!!

Get the pencils and paper out

Introduce your kids to some traditional favourites like hangman, noughts and crosses or battleships. Novelty fun for them and a bit of nostalgia for you. Or, play your own simplified game of ‘Pictionary’ with drawings that the rest of the players have to identify.

Make a family movie

Use your smart phone or video camera to make a simple movie starring all the family. Dive into the dressing up box and let their imaginations run riot, then film the result and wind up on the sofa with some popcorn to watch it.

As a possible theme, your kid’s re-enacting their very own version of their favourite Hollywood movie could be a laugh. And don’t forget to include parts for Mum and Dad too.

Go for a ‘splashing’ walk

For this suggestion, you don’t avoid the weather….you make the most of it. Get everyone togged up in waterproofs and wellies and hand out the brollies, then head outdoors for some stamping around in puddles, pools and wet bits that you normally tell them not to walk through. Come back home to warm baths and hot chocolate all round.

Hide & Seek

OK this is as old as the hills, but if you use all the house to hide in it can actually be loads of simple and energetic fun. Look for the telltale signs of feet sticking out from under beds, and laundry baskets with the lids peeping open. Oh and you might want to make certain places – like inside mum and dad’s wardrobe – a ‘no go’ area

Indoor Treasure Hunt

This is another around the house activity like hide & seek, but a bit less frantic. Make it fairly simple by hiding six Soreen Lunchbox Loaves in various places, or make it more elaborate by using rhyming clues that lead on from each other to one eventual hiding place of a bigger prize – like a whole pack of our Lunchbox Loaves.

Form a family ‘band’

This idea’s a bit on the noisy side, but all the more fun for it. Make your own instruments…empty tissue boxes with elastic bands stretched over them make good guitars…dried rice or pasta in bottles or tins make good shakers….and pan lids and wooden spoons make good drums and drumsticks. Finally, get Mum or Dad to relive their childhood by showing everyone how to make a ‘kazoo’ from a comb and some tissue paper.

So there you go, a few simple ways of turning rainy days into fun days with a little help from Soreen.  But don’t forget to sneak a look out of the window every now and then, because as we all know, that rain can stop just as quickly as it starts. And if it does brighten up, then head outdoors for some family fun in the sun. While you can!