Another Happy Customer!

Posted on: 20th September 2011

We couldn't help but notice that we've had a lot of requests recently for the exclusive Soreen Cycling Jerseys and Running Vests from Foska and when one of our loyal fans got in touch to say how much he loved Soreen, we couldn't help but think he would love to try these out for size. The latest random act of kindness goes to Josh Blatchford for his blog and fond following of all things Squidgy!

"This week I was lucky enough to receive a lovely big yellow box from my favourite company: Soreen. I immediately knew what this meant – my eagerly anticipated running vest and cycling jersey had arrived :)
What I had not anticipated, however, was the sheer generosity of Soreen. Not only had they sent me the tops, but also included an overabundance of Malt Loaf and Soreen goodies. All in all, I also received Malt Loaf Original, Snack Size and Sliced; Banana Loaf; Fruity Five Sliced; Go Cereal Bars; an emergency charging kit; a pen; and finally a key ring!
I now truly intend to be a Soreen customer until the day I die and will do everything in my power to spread the goodness that is Malt Loaf to the world. A truly noble cause I am sure you will all agree.
The running vest and cycling jersey, at the moment are not yet for sale (I cannot wait for the sticky shop to open either!). But rest assured, they will both be well worth the wait.
I have now tested them both and can guarantee that you will be the most stylish athlete when wearing them, get a placebo malt loaf energy boost and will even want to wear them when you are not cycling or running.
Seriously now, these are really high-quality apparel. They are both made from technical material and are produced by Foska, who have a great reputation among runners and cyclists. In fact, they are more breathable and better at wicking away moisture than my other gear.The jersey, as you would expect, has pockets on the back. And, yes, they are great for carrying Malt Loaf for an energy boost :)

I am really thrilled by my freebies and urge you to contact Soreen directly with a blog post and grab a vest or jersey before the store opens! You may also want to check out my own blog:
Thanks again Soreen!


P.S. I have just started working in an ice cream shop and got thinking… one day can we ever expect to see a Malt Loaf ice cream?"