Active families love Soreen Squidgy Fun

Posted on: 23rd September 2015

Our Soreen Squidgy Fun campaign, in partnership with national charity the Youth Sport Trust, is already helping bring families closer together through physical activity. It’s all about inspiring kids and parents to have fun through active play that’s as enjoyable as it is healthy.

Our research reveals that everyone wants to get active

When it comes to having Squidgy Fun, children as young as 5 can get real benefit out of it. In our study of 2,000 parents, 38% believed that five years old was the ‘most fun’ age to spend time together as a family, because that was when their child started communicating with them more. 33% said their child started showing a good sense of humour at this age too. And 23% said it was down to the fact that they can now properly enjoy playing sports and activities.

Our survey also revealed that a massive 86% of parents feel that being active brings them closer together as a family.


Healthier kids are happier kids

Don’t just take our word for it; Youth Sport Trust found that children who describe themselves as ‘always happy’ are twice as likely to take part in two or more hours of physical activity per day. The number one reason given for the popularity of physical activity is that it’s ‘fun’ which is probably why Soreen Squidgy Fun is already proving to be such a great success with both kids and adults.

Free Activity Packs from Soreen

As a key part of our Squidgy Fun campaign we’re launching a series of Activity Packs, which you can download for free. Our packs give a wide range of ideas for fun, low or no cost, physical activities to do together at home or on days out. All designed to help children reach the government guideline of being active for at least 60 minutes a day. That’s why Olympic Medalist and England Hockey player Alex Danson is supporting the campaign too! You can download all the packs at now, and look out for more coming soon!