A Special Birthday Message

Posted on: 29th September 2010

Here at Soreen we want to wish Steven Pimblett a very happy birthday!! He turns 29 today and his work colleagues sent an e-mail in and asked us to say happy birthday to the person they believe to be Soreen’s number 1 fan!! I know many of you out there will want to contest this statement but he does have a good argument, according to his friends. He is always trying to get his team to eat some of the delicious squidgy energy that Soreen provides and even named his Fantasy Football Team Soreen FC!
Not enough? Well, in his spare time Steven is also the lead singer of a Meat Loaf tribute band named, yes you guessed it, Malt Loaf!

He is definitely up there with the other true Soreen loyalists but is he our number one fan? I feel a little contest brewing here…

Either way… all that’s left to say is, Steven, Happy Birthday!!!