Soreen Banana and Strawberry Trifle Recipe

No trifling around this is just yum.


Serves 6

What you’ll need:

1 x Soreen Banana loaf

1 x 150g pack of jelly

500g fresh strawberries

250g fresh clotted cream

10g grated dark chocolate

10g flaked almonds

What you do:

Cut up the Banana Soreen loaf into healthy-sized chunks and cover the bottom of your fanciest trifle dish with the slices.

Carefully slice the strawberries and put these on top of the Soreen. Be sure to cover the edge of the bowl as this is what people will see when they have a nosey.

Prepare the jelly as instructions on the packet

Pour over the strawberries

Shove in the fridge and allow the jelly to set. Now it’s time for a spot of relaxation

When the trifle has done its time in the fridge and is ready to take out, whick a tub of clotted cream till soft and dollop over the jelly

Sprinkle with the flaked almonds and the grated chocolate, colourful hundreds and thousands look fab too.

There’s no excuse for dipping your digits in the cream on the trifle… instead put your finger licking talents to good use and get that bowl clean.

Banana Loaf | Soreen

Soreen product used:

Banana Loaf