Everyday energy

At Soreen we believe everyday should be an adventure, full of fresh air and fun! To get the most out of each day it’s crucial to give your body the fuel it needs. Our tasty products are a delicious way to give you energy – whatever the occasion.

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    Quick brew break
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    Evening Sofa Snacking
  • Young woman at work
    Brain Food
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    Crumb free car journey
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    On the go
  • Excercise
    Power snack

Which is your go-to energising snack?

Friends of soreen

Our little loaves may be healthier than you think! Check out the below to see who
approves of our products.

  • Men’s Health

    11 Things We Learned Training with the England Rugby Team

    “Mid-session fuel is provided by fast-release carbs and sugar: bananas, Jaffa Cakes and Soreen Original Malt Loaves are all laid out in the dressing room for emergency glycogen replacement when energy is waning during the most intense sessions”

  • Leeds Rhinos

    “Soreen provides us with a nutritionally solid platform for our high intensity training and match sessions. It’s a great form of slow release energy that also tastes good”

    – Jason Davidson Head Conditioner for Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire Carnegie.

  • C4L = Be Food Smart

    “Soreen Lunchbox Loaves support the C4L Be Food Smart Campaign”

  • Children’s Food Trust

    “Soreen Lunchbox Loaves are suitable for school lunchboxes and meet the guidelines set by the Children’s Food Trust”

  • “We use Soreen to provide an energy boost to our players in key competitions periods. The players and staff love the great taste of Soreen which is an added bonus!”

  • “The Christie charity would like to say a huge thank you to Soreen for their generosity and  ongoing support at our sporting events.”

  • Summit Physiotherapy

    ”We’re great believers in Soreen products here at Summit because of the feedback we get from our clients, who range from weekend warriors to the elite amateur athlete. The 1:2 balance of fast and complex carbs is perfect for both training and recovery.”   Andy Hosgood

  • Kendal Mountain Rescue

    “Soreen is a great mountain snack – it tastes good, it’s full of energy & doesn’t fall apart in your rucksack

  • Maltby Running Club

    “Soreen is the perfect running fuel! It’s a healthy source of lasting energy, it’s easy to eat and most important of all it’s tasty!”